Hydrogen Peroxide as an Air Freshener and Inhalant to Prevent Illness

I previously posted on making your own scented air freshener here.  The nice thing about this air freshener is that you can choose your own scent. The downside is that it just masks a smell.

To truly remove the smell and have the air unscented and clean without using toxins get a spray bottle and add 1/4 of hydrogen peroxide and add tap water to the top. Shake the bottle prior to use and spray the area that has a nasty smell.  (I have two cats hence, two posts about air fresheners).

The hydrogen peroxide will destroy the odor causing bacteria and leave no scent behind.

I have also been experimenting with inhaling diluted hydrogen peroxide and sterilized water. I’m not sure if it works but feel free to read about it here.  My brother swears by it but it kinda scares me. On the other hand, it makes sense to me. I am susceptible to bronchitis and sinus infections and if the directions are followed correctly, I can see how this method could potentially work.  If there is bacteria building in your lungs the hydrogen peroxide may kill the bacteria on site and therefore prevent an escalation to an infection which results in the need for antibiotics. Just a thought.


One thought on “Hydrogen Peroxide as an Air Freshener and Inhalant to Prevent Illness

  1. Are you seriously suggesting that people inhale hydrogen peroxide? I hope to god no one reads this, let alone takes your advice. Sounds like a good way to end up with pneumonia or worse.


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